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Company History

It all started in 1984 with one very strong idea — software that integrates the complex information needs of the apparel & footwear industry, makes it accessible, and backs it up with the best training and support.The company was one of the few software developers with an expert comprehension of the myriad of details related to apparel and footwear manufacturing. In the beginning, we realized that practical use of technology would maximize productivity and optimize operations to enable apparel and footwear companies to compete more effectively. In 2002 we understood that a shift was occurring in the way our users needed to see and access their data. Users were becoming more savvy and required more modernization than ever. Out of this was born, Xpressiv™ our most intuitive and sophisticated version of the solution. Since then we have continued to develop Xpressiv™ into a full-fledged business intelligence solution offering designed to address the information needs of the entire organization. Our current software addition is based on over 30 years of ERP solutions experience and is priced to provide the lowest total cost of ownership in the ERP arena for a true, fully-integrated solution.Simplicity of design, ease-of-use and complete access to the full power and functionality of the software are cornerstones to our developmental efforts. Over the years, we have maintained a rapid pace to continually update our software and add new functionality as industry demands evolve. Our solutions provide an unmatched level of powerful and practical functionality, combined with superior services and a business philosophy that produces exceptional results.

Corporate Mission

To completely understand our clients’ requirements, and to ensure our software and services produce real operational efficiencies and value that result in significant strategic and competitive advantages.

Corporate Philosophy

Our company’s success can only be measured by the success of our customers and our products and services must enable companies to adapt to change quickly, implement easily and provide outstanding ease of use and value. Key business practices can be outlined as follows:  We will always do what is right for our customers.  We will not recommend hardware or software that is not the best solution to fill a customer’s requirements.  We approach each customer’s installation from his/her perspective.  We will not “oversell” our products to exploit short-term gain. We only commit to our customers what we can realistically support.  We want each new customer to be our customer forever. That means we do whatever is needed to provide the quality of product and expertise to speed implementation, train data processing staff and assist user training.  We will price our products to reflect our corporate philosophy.Our objective is to create a partnership with each customer, which satisfies the complete information systems requirements of their business, and advances and sustains their systems.

About Xperia Solutions

Xperia applies years of apparel and footwear-specific ERP Systems knowledge, offering solutions and services that enable organizations to more effectively plan and manage their operations, supply chain and customer relationship management business practices.In the past, industry business applications were developed for a specific function, such as to pay employees, track inventory movement or create a receivable with data that was owned by a specific business function. The applications infrastructure of the past supported a departmentalized orientation to business management and is inconsistent with the current team-oriented organization, which is focused on customer service, requiring a dynamic response to business changes and opportunities. As a result, a large portion of the currently in-place ERP applications are beyond their useful life.Today, businesses need integrated applications and solutions to manage their operations across the enterprise and their supply chain, from their customer’s customer to their vendor’s vendor. Solutions today must provide a complete view and links to information in each functional area of their business. Events must be immediately translated into their impact on the company, supply chain and customer. Collaboration and planning capabilities are combined with volume-based transaction systems to form solutions that enable companies to reduce inventory levels, increase cycle times, quickly respond to customer requirements and provide higher levels of service to both internal and external customers.Xperia provides the range of software solutions, applications and services that enable today’s forward-thinking apparel and footwear businesses to maintain a competitive advantage and deliver operational efficiencies that produce bottom line results.