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XPERIA Uniform Management Solutions

Providing unmatched ease of use for uniform manufacturers, suppliers and their customers .

Whether they have 50 or 50,000 employees, we can help you save time, money, and frustration!

Xperia offers a fully integrated Uniform Management Software Solution.  Learn more!

  • Employees Matched to Uniform Wardrobe and Budget

  • Online Uniform Ordering by Employee or Management

  • Automated Uniform Allotment Against Budget• Overages Charged to Payroll Deduction or Credit Card

  • Packaging by Employee within Co. Shipments

  • Consolidated Co. Invoicing Across Employee Orders

  • Enhanced Shop Control for Embroidery, Screen Printing

  • Workflow-Based Approval System for Artwork, Orders

Branded ordering portals for your customers and their employees!

Includes full ERP integration!

Branded ordering portals for your customers and their employees! Includes full ERP integration!

Xperia’s Uniform Management System provides everything needed to help even your largest corporate accounts and their employees efficiently place and manage uniform and career apparel orders while staying within budget.

Featuring a branded online ordering portal for each of your accounts, our unique software helps you efficiently group and process customer orders from artwork approval through every phase of procurement, production, shipment, and invoicing. Best of all, it’s fully integrated with Xperia’s incredibly robust and scalable COMPREHENSIV® ERP system, positioning your company for unlimited growth.

Uniform Management System

A fully integrated software solution by Xperia. Save administrative time! See how the system works! Perfect for Workwear/Corporate Apparel (Police/Fire/EMT/Postal); Airline Industry; Automotive Manufacturing/Sales/Service; School Uniforms; Hospital Uniforms; Restaurant/Hospitaliry Unifoms; Team and Branded/Promotional Products

Wardrobe Headers

This module allows customers to create a collection of styles which can be assigned to employees. These wardrobes will limit what an employee is eligible to view and add to the shopping cart. • Multiple wardrobes can be assigned to each employee • Wardrobes can be created through a spreadsheet upload • Copy function allows wardrobes to be easily duplicated

Allotment Master

Allotments or allowances can be created and assigned to employees to limit the amount of goods that can be added to the shopping cart. • Allotments can be tracked using dollars, units, or pieces • Date ranges can be utilized to define the lifespan of the allotment • Allotments can automatically renew on a specified date or anniversary • Limiter functionality allows customers to limit the amount of a specific product an employee is eligible to order • Built-in reports on the customer portals allow supervisors/administrators to see exactly where each employee stands in regard to their allotment usage

Employee Master

Vital employee information is captured in the employee master. Name, address, contact information as well as the allotment and wardrobe codes are captured here. Other important data such as employee department, date of hire, and order history are also displayed in the employee master. • Employees can be automatically imported via a spreadsheet upload • Allotment amounts and limits can be overridden at the individual employee level • Complete order history is kept for each employee in the system

Custom Web Portals

Xperia® allows for multiple customer portals to be created directly from the back-end system. Unique domain and sub-domain names can be created and hosted however you choose. A variety of options can be toggled on and off to customize the user experience for each of your customers. • Web portals are created using the Xperia® Xpressiv software package • No web design knowledge necessary for the setup of the sites • User-defined color schemes and imagery allow for a unique look and feel for all of your customers’ portals

Shopping Cart Features

• Real time shipping and tax integrations to capture all applicable costs for customer orders are available • Users have the ability to select from multiple shipping carriers and delivery methods • Multiple pre-defined shipping locations can be displayed on the site for users to choose from. Users also have the ability to override a shipping address as well • Credit card processing and payroll deductions can be utilized if a customer exceeds the assigned allotment on an order • For customers who require personalized garments, Xperia® offers multiple ways to display different personalization options on the site

Administrative Tools/Reports

• HR administration portal allows users to create/maintain/delete employees directly from the site • Full reporting capabilities allow users at access order history, allotment balances and more • The admin portal can be limited to administrators or supervisors to protect sensitive information

Guided Shopping Experience

• The guided shopping experience limits what a user can purchase by product category. For example, a user can have an overall allotment of 10 units but may be limited to purchasing only 5 pair of pants • The product categories and their limits are displayed in an easy to read toolbar across the top of the screen so users always know what they are eligible to order • All product categories are customizable and the setup is extremely user-friendly

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Uniform Management System Key Features and Benefits. Our software solution can save you time and money!

Stellar support

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Branded Self-Service Uniform Ordering Portal. Easily create websites branded for each of your accounts. By easily and quickly creating websites for their key accounts, uniform companies will achieve a competitive edge in acquiring new customers.

Robust and flexible

Robust, flexible Uniform solution that is backed by an ERP solution that has run some of largest apparel companies

Are you a Supplier?

Xperia's Uniform Management System provides everything needed to help even your largest corporate accounts and their employees efficiently place and manage uniform and career apparel orders while staying within budget.

Are you an Organization?

Contact us today for a demo on how our Uniform Management Solution can efficiently group and process customer orders from artwork approval through every phase of procurement, production, shipment, and invoicing. Best of all, it's fully integrated with Xperia’s incredibly robust and scalable COMPREHENSIV® ERP system, positioning your company for unlimited growth

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Implementation Services
Implementation Services & Methodologies

Experienced Knowledge Management is the foundation to our Customer Service. We see our success through your success. System Implementation Services Xperia provides an implementation guide to help customers integrate the Comprehensiv™ ERP solution into their business. Software Analysts assist with the implementation and use of the software by evaluating business operations and matching the software's capabilities to the company's business practices. Our implementation team provides project management assistance to help you quickly realize the return on your software investment. Techniques we employ include implementation planning, execution, employee training, management training and process re-engineering. Implementation services include the installation of hardware, software, establishing network connectivity and data conversion. Given that Xperia takes a long-term view of its customer relationships, we work hard to fulfill the needs of your company today as well as to help you realize your company's vision.


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